Add additional tags

Add additional tags

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This listing is only to add extra tags to a necklace order you are placing. 

The tag will come in the same material as the necklace order.

This is not to order extra tags to add to a previous order. 

 14k Gold Filled
A beautiful more affordable alternative to solid gold, our gold-filled pieces have a thick layer of 14k gold that is heat and pressure bonded to a high-quality brass core. They contain 100+ times more gold than regular gold plating.

  Sterling Silver
A solid precious metal that lasts forever. It naturally darkens with time, but can be polished back to new. Oils from your skin help prevent silver tarnish, so wear it often.

  14k Rose Gold Filled
Similar to gold filled, rose gold has a bit of copper added to the alloy to give it a rosy color.