Jewelry Care



 Caring for sterling silver jewelry

Sterling silver will naturally tarnish, theres no way around that! No need to worry as it is easily polished back to its original shine a "Sunshine Polishing Cloth" or silver cleaner.

Caring for gold filled jewelry

14kt gold fill is a beautiful alternative to solid gold as it has 100+times more gold than gold plated jewelry. 14kt gold fill does not tarnish easily but needs to be treated with respect and love. All of our chains and pendants are 14kt gold fill, so you can safely use a Sunshine polishing cloth on them.                                                                                                          

Caring for Vermeil (gold plated) jewelry

Our gold gemstones are created with a vermeil finish.
Vermeil is created with a sterling silver base that is heavily dipped into 22kt gold,leaving a shiny and luxurious finish. A few of our pendants and most of the edging on our natural gemstones have a vermeil finish. You can NOT use a Sunshine polishing cloth on any vermeil or gemstone components as it will remove the gold layer and turn the piece back to its base, sterling silver.