Jewelry Care

 At Bella & Blush we only use the highest quality of metals so that it can stand up to life
and it works for everyday wear. If you can't live in it, what's the point? Everyone on our
team is
  pretty rough on their jewelry, and it still looks beautiful. We shower, workout,
sweat, and sleep in our jewelry. However, chemicals like perfume, sunscreen and chlorine
can be 
rough on any jewelry, so be sure to be mindful of that if you use these and be sure
to clean 
your jewelry after exposure to chemicals. With just a little care,  all of our jewelry
will last 
you for years. The basics include keeping it clean and dry and doing deep cleanings.

Gold Filled

Gold filled jewelry is tarnish resistant and will only tarnish under unique circumstances.
The heavy layer on gold filled jewelry protects against tarnishing. Though gold filled can
still naturally tarnish over time, it’s easily cleaned! We include a polish cloth in our packaging
which we recommend using only when your piece is dull or tarnished—not for everyday
cleaning purposes. It should be used lightly and not pressed hard against the metal, as it
could rub off the gold on your piece over time.

 Rose Gold Filled

Rose gold filled is the same as gold filled, except a bit of copper is added to the alloy to
give it its classic rosy hue. Rose gold filled is more prone to tarnishing than gold filled
because of the small amount of copper alloyed with the gold that gives it its beautiful
pink color. But the same care tips that apply to gold filled also apply to rose gold filled.  

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver can tarnish over time due to a natural chemical reaction that happens
when it’s exposed to air and moisture. Luckily, sterling silver is a solid metal, so unlike
gold filled jewelry (which has a jeweler’s brass core), you can polish and clean it to your
heart’s content and have it looking just as good as when you first got it without worrying
about removing the outer layers of precious metal.

Vermeil Care

Most of our gemstones are created with a vermeil finish. Vermeil is created with a sterling
silver base that is heavily dipped into 14kt gold,  leaving a shiny and luxurious finish.
 You should not use a polishing cloth on any vermeil pieces as it will remove the gold layer
and expose the sterling silver base. All of our earrings are gold filled, but gemstone
charms are vermeil so they should never be exposed to moisture of any kind.

 Deep Cleaning Instructions 

If you know your piece was exposed to large amounts of sunscreen, sweat or any other
harmful chemical or product, it’s best to give it a deep clean (we also recommend giving
it a deep clean every dozen wears or so regardless).  Here’s the best way to deep clean
your piece:

  1. Get a bowl of warm water and mix in a squirt of mild dish soap
  2. Soak your piece in the bowl for a few minutes.
  3. Scrub the chain with a soft toothbrush, making sure to really get
    into the gaps in the chain, where dirt and product like to build up. 
    Avoid scrubbing pendants as it can scratch them.
  4. Rinse with lukewarm to ensure all of the soap is gone.
  5. Dry well with a soft cloth.


If you have any questions about your specific piece of jewelry please email us at and we will happily help you with any jewelry care
questions you have.